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  Several Modes and Methods of Physics Review Class

  1."Three-stage review method"

  The three-stage review method is "knowledge reproduction-systematic review", "consolidation exercises-block review", and "self-examination and correction-mock examination".

  (1) Knowledge reproduction──system review stage.The goal to be achieved at this stage is to solve the coverage of knowledge,Solve basic knowledge and basic skills,Strive to leave no doubt on the breadth,Earnestly do a good job of "double basics."At this stage,Teachers and students are important to grasp the basic principles,System review,Fully talk together,Pay attention to "double base",Pay attention to the integrity of knowledge,At the same time, it is necessary to distinguish the "upper limit" and "lower limit" of each unit textbook according to the outline.According to the test instructions and the actual situation of the students,Delve into review methods,Do a good job in chapter testing and evaluation through chapter review,In order to check for omissions.



  How to cultivate interest in learning physics

  Confucius said, "Those who know are not as good as those who are good.The good ones are not as good as the happy ones."Einstein said: "Interest is the best teacher.""Students are only interested in physics,I just want to learn, love to learn, and be able to learn well,So as to make good use of physics.So how to stimulate students' curiosity,Cultivate students' interest in learning physics,Is the key to improving the quality of teaching.

  1. Create a situation and induce a sense of interest

  When creating a problem situation,Students can be introduced into the learning process of "propose problems-explore problems-solve problems",So as to stimulate the students' desire to explore,Bring students into a knowledge-seeking situation.When talking about inertia,Let me ask first: When taking a bus,The driver braked suddenly,What happens to passengers?学生此时会回忆自己遇到此现象的情景回答说“向前倾”,紧接着提问“为什么呢?”此类现象学生非常熟悉,但要按常规解释却有一定困难。在教学过程中,只要教师做有心人,通过合理创设情境,不仅能起到组织教学的作用,而且能使学生明确学习的目的,从而产生浓厚的学习兴趣。





  Teaching and Research




  Teaching and Research








  Teaching and Research








  提要:青春期是人类最脆弱的阶段之一,它能直接影响到人生的后继发展,是人类智力开发的黄金年代,也是最容易“误人一生”的年代。The teacher's responsibility is very heavy,We must study the psychological activities of students at this stage to "prescribe the right medicine" to live up to the great aura that society has given us to teachers.

  1. The main psychological state of adolescence and the reasons for its formation

  the first,In a way,Adolescence is a period of self-shaping.Adolescent children initially form a self-understanding,They want to clarify the outline of "self",Some people even deliberately ask for differences,If you are not interested in yourself or can't do things easily, you will give up easily.



  Talk about how in conventional physics teaching,Stimulate students' sense of innovation

  Now that education requires cultivating innovative talents and advocating the establishment of an innovative society,With the curriculum reform in full swing today,Students' autonomous learning, display exchanges, and the setting of open test questions all reflect the students' sense of autonomy and innovation.Therefore, it is an important and long-term plan to stimulate students' innovative consciousness and cultivate students' innovative ability in normal teaching.It also meets the needs of education and society.Then,How to stimulate students' sense of innovation in conventional teaching,Here to talk about my immature views.

  1. Create interesting situations,Cultivate problem awareness.

  An important task of physics teaching is to be able to, under the guidance of teachers,Discover and ask simple physical problems from daily life production,And try to solve it.At the same time, the "Physics Curriculum Standards" pointed out: "Physics teaching must fully consider the characteristics of students' physical and mental development.Combining their life experience and existing knowledge to design interesting and meaningful activities,Give them more opportunities to learn physics and understand physics from familiar things around them."This undoubtedly tells us that we should often carry out some interesting physics activities in the classroom.To do what he likes,Let students learn physics in fun,Learn physics while playing.



  Physics Inquiry Practice

  Looking at the trend of physics propositions in the college entrance examination in recent years,The college entrance examination physics test questions have higher and higher requirements for students' comprehensive literacy.In this context, high school physics teachers should not only pay attention to the understanding and consolidation of students' basic knowledge of physics,It should start from the perspective of students' college entrance examination.Cultivate students' physical thinking and improve the physical knowledge system.This article starts from the current situation of high school physics teaching,Combined with the application significance of hierarchical teaching in high school physics teaching,Some exploration and practice have been made for the hierarchical teaching of high school physics under the background of the new college entrance examination.



  Transformation measures for physics problems

  In daily physics teaching,Students with learning difficulties are the most troublesome for teachers.They are the biggest difficulty in improving the quality of teaching in an all-round way.How to "lift out of poverty" for students with learning difficulties is the most concerned issue for frontline teachers.Colleagues are also constantly exploring in practice,Here are some of my views.

  The reasons for the formation of poor students are very complicated.Therefore, we cannot simply attribute all students with learning difficulties to "stupid brains" or "no need to work".In teaching, targeted help and education should be provided according to the characteristics of students with learning difficulties.It is possible to achieve the ideal conversion effect.





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